How It Works

Visibility and Transparency

From triage to discharge, patients stay informed every step of the way

navigatER guides patients and their families through their entire emergency department
journey, providing real time updates and information on their clinical progress. Patients are given greater
visibility into and control over their care, from being informed of their place in line and expected wait time to
biographies of the providers that will be treating them and what care they should expect. When diagnostic studies
are ordered, both the patient and those given access are notified, detailing the process and how long it will
likely take.

Patient Education & Engagement

Patient care doesn’t end just because their emergency care does

Following proven research shown to improve patient outcomes, navigatER engages and
educates patients throughout their entire stay and beyond. When a potential diagnosis is made, patients are
informed and given links to educational tools to further understand their situation. After treatment, detailed
summaries are provided as well as key instructions for their care outside of the emergency department. Patients are
also given the ability to rate their experience, giving them a stronger voice in their care.

Actionable Operational Insights

Real-time feedback. Real-time intervention.

navigatER allows for real-time patient satisfaction assessments, providing care teams
with immediate performance metrics and feedback. This allows providers to take corrective action to improve the
patient’s experience before it’s too late. From input to throughput to output, providers are able to pinpoint areas
of concern. By uniquely calculating value index (nERvi) score, healthcare teams are able to compare observed versus
expected patient outcomes to both institutional and national benchmarks.

EMR Integration

Providers stay focused on delivering care, not data.

navigatER is unique in that it interfaces directly with the electronic medical record
(EMR). It does so by harnessing the natural flow of patient data, requiring no additional technology, tasks or
steps on the part of the care provider so they can remain focused on what really matters—the patient.

Improving Patient Experience

Designed by frontline healthcare professionals.

Developed by an emergency physician and a healthcare IT executive, navigatER was
purpose-built to improve the patient experience in the emergency department. Combining the knowledge of medical
providers in the field with the latest IT innovation, the platform was designed to simplify and demystify an often
confusing process while remaining highly secure and HIPPA compliant.