Emergency Department Patient Experience Platform

Optimization of the patient experience is on the forefront of every healthcare executive’s mind. Hospitals are now rated on the basis of how patients feel about their care.

navigatERTM is designed to improve the patient experience by removing barriers to communication and allowing patients to anticipate and understand their own clinical course. With navigatERTM patients become “part of the team” rather than a passive bystander waiting for information about their care and medical issues. navigatERTM provides patients with a “backstage pass” to their emergency health care visit.

Real-Time Notifications

Much of the challenges surrounding optimization of the emergency patient’s experience is due to the lack of sufficient care team communication. Whether you are a patient, family member or friend, arrival at an emergency department is likely to be an anxiety-provoking event. The problem is that, until now, there has been no effective way for busy emergency healthcare providers to consistently communicate status updates to the people that matter the most.

navigatERTM’s competitive advantage stems from its EMR integration capabilities.

navigatERTM’s executive management team combines frontline clinical expertise with a strong foundation of software engineering and digital health expertise. This combination helped to create a patient experience digital health platform that is patient centered and optimized to outperform other known solutions.


Mission Statement

 Established in 2017 by an Emergency Department Physician, Dr. Samir Haydar, and a digital healthcare IT executive, Mehmet Kazgan, the navigatER,LLC TM (NER) is a healthcare innovation startup focused on improving the patient experience through the creation of transparent health care environments.  By combining the knowledge base of frontline medical providers with information technology innovations, NER’s mission is to create the health care solutions that medical providers and their patients see as essential.

Philosophy and Vision

 navigatERTM seeks to improve the patient experience through innovative healthcare technology solutions.  With this goal in mind, navigatERTM will develop strategies that make it easier for providers to deliver excellent care to their patients with a focus on optimization and provider task reduction.  navigatERTM’s flagship patient experience platform allows for healthcare improvement strategies through evidence based frontline solutions.  By providing patients with a transparent healthcare environment, navigatERTM seeks to provide patients with a level of communication not previously possible in health care settings.



Management Team

navigatERTM’s management teams has strong roots in both clinical emergency care, health care quality, software design and digital health solutions.   Dr. Samir Haydar, navigatERTM’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has over 10 years of bedside emergency medicine expertise with well-established leadership roles in healthcare quality, research and patient flow at well-respected academic medical centers. navigatERTM’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Mehmet Kazgan has over 20 years of expertise in mobile, web and cloud software development, release engineering, QA and automation, together with a proven track record of successful entrepreneurialism and leadership. The company’s Chief Operations Officer (COO), Kikko Haydar, holds a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), with experience in biotech startups, company growth and fiscal responsibility.


The technical aspects of the digital health platforms development and EMR integration will be led by the founders but in conjunction with strategic equity based partnerships. 

Equity partner, Burak Cetin is an experienced Mobile Application Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the healthcare industry. Skilled in cross-platform mobile app development and UI/UX design. With a BS in Computer Engineering, Burak possesses is a first class engineering professional capable of creating state of the art frontline mobile solutions. As the primary front end developer of the NavigatER platform, Burak will help to build and lead the development team as it scales to meet the projected growth.

Equity partner and Server Architect, Nathanial Blair, also a well-educated Computer science engineer has expertise in server design and systems engineering. His background in cloud based technologies will be vital to creation and implementation of the privacy and security framework that governs the platform’s HIPPA compliant Protected Health Information (PHI) infrastructure.